How to use your own domain name with your BiziChix website

When you create a BiziChix website, you’re automatically assigned a unique URL (web address) such as However if you have chosen a premium paid plan (currently only BiziPlus) you have the additional option to remove the BiziChix branding by using your own domain name.

This means visitors to your website can get there by typing in instead of which is simpler and way better for your brand!

If you’ve already registered your domain name, you’ll need to complete the first step below since we don’t have access to your domain account. We’ve compiled a list at the bottom of this post, of the most common domain registrars since they all have different ways of setting this up on their platforms.

If you haven’t registered a domain yet though, we recommend you

register it through us

to make this process much simpler. We’ll then have access to do all of the technical setup required and we’re more than happy to do this step for you.

Caution: We’re about to get a bit technical!

The first step is adding an A Record to your domain’s DNS. This is like writing an address on a letter, so the post office knows where to send it. This step tells your domain name where your website is.

And it might look something like this once you’ve added it:

The IP you need to add is

It’s a good idea to add A Records for both ways people can type your website address (with and without the www at the front).

Here’s what this might look like:


The next step is to email us at and tell us your domain name then we will do the rest!

If you have registered your domain elsewhere, here’s a list of some of the common domain registrars with links to their instructions for adding A Records.

Google Domains