How to resize images quickly to save time uploading

Your cake images are no doubt BIG images. And I don’t mean file size (although that is related) – I mean they’re big enough to have them printed as a poster to stick on your wall. But your website doesn’t need them to be that big.

When you upload your files to your BiziChix website, we automatically resize, and compress them for you. This makes them exactly the size they need to be, and also makes them load really fast for the visitors to your site. (No one likes waiting for things to load, right?)

Even though we resize them for you, they can still take you ages to upload if they’re way bigger than they need to be.

So here’s a simple way to reduce the images before you upload.

Head to


This site will let you resize a bunch of images to whatever size you want, and it does it super fast because the images aren’t actually uploaded. They are being resized on your computer, which is really very clever.

Once you’ve done that, you can upload the resized images to your website and it will take you much less time!

Here are the dimensions we recommend for your BiziChix website.

If you plan on using the image for a background, you’ll want the width to be 1600px.

If you are only using the image in your gallery, you can make it a bit smaller. The maximum width or height should be 1024px. We say width or height since some images will be portrait, and some may be landscape.

Happy resizing!