WordPress. Why should I use it?

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So what is WordPress?

If you have done any research at all on websites or you are currently using a Wix or SquareSpace site, I’ll bet you have heard of WordPress.

It’s the name that keeps coming up when you’re talking about websites.

BiziChix websites are build on WordPress.org and easily outdo all the features of the other DIY businesses.

Without getting into this with too much (boring!) tech-talk, here is a bit of information about WordPress…

Why should I use WordPress?

Well it’s a super popular website builder all across the world and runs about 25% of all websites. That’s a lot. And it’s growing every year.

So WordPress is the boss.

It also allows you to:

  1. make changes to your sites easily with it’s relatively easy functions (vs writing code!)
  2. have your own domain name and
  3. you can switch to any other WP theme or design you like without having to retype your content and copy all over again (basically your information is filed neatly in the system so it recognises your headings, fonts, copy and photos and can apply these to any of it’s themes).

What are some other features?

WordPress (let’s just call it WP) has “themes” which are basically designs and layouts that are already built.

There are literally thousands of themes you can install, all made by people (programmers and designers) all around the world and shared. Some are free, some are paid.

You can customise themes but all the functionality is already built and tested, plus it looks nice, saving you time.

Plug-ins are an extra piece of code (features) that techy people have written that can do special tasks on your site. Examples are pop-up banners to remind customers to sign-up to your list, maps, sign-up forms etc. BiziChix uses dozens of plug-ins to provide the automations within our sites.

SEO (which stands for Search Engine Optimisation) is the main reason people love WP. Google loves WP sites and finds them really easily. Anything like Squarespace or Wix with their name in the title and less streamline code will come in at a lower position on Google searches.

It has a lot to do with the backend and the way it has been coded and built, but that’s too techy for me to understand or explain!!

So to sum it up, WP is the way to go.

Most developers work in WP and there are hours and hours of videos and instructions online for DIY.

But even for me, starting a WP site from scratch is daunting. It will take you a long time to get up and running if you are not a techy person and the backend maintenance is time consuming and risky if you aren’t experienced.

So WordPress sounds great, but I don’t know where to begin!

All BiziChix websites are built in WordPress and we include a simple drag and drop Easy Editor. They have SEO functions so you can set it up to be found more easily in Google and the many plugins I mentioned before, which we maintain and update when required…

So BiziChix will give you everything you need with all the benefits of WordPress but you don’t need any experience or tech knowledge at all!

Everything is included for you (including what to say!) with all the tech bells and whistles, and you can get started for FREE. There’s no catch – it’s seriously free forever.

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a free WordPress website for cake decorators right now at BiziChix!

Content Planner Cover

Need help planning your website?

Our Sweet Content Planner will give you some bonus tips to launch your new website.
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