3 Excuses that are Costing you Customers

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Excuses, excuses.

Is there a reason why you haven’t jumped into the online world of owning your own website yet?

I know cake decorators usually have just a couple of reasons for why they don’t have a website…

But these things could be costing you serious money!

1. I don’t need it.

How many other sources of marketing are you operating online?

Everyone has Facebook right.

But Facebook isn’t the only way you should be marketing your business.

Why not?

You are literally putting a multi-billion-dollar business fully in charge of your advertising – letting them dictate who can see your posts and how often.

They also control your fans. They hold their information. And you don’t.

Wouldn’t you rather have your own database of customers, that you can speak to whenever you want. And know they can hear you?

What if Facebook suddenly said business pages weren’t allowed anymore – goodbye followers and fans. All your hard work is gone.

What if Facebook suddenly disappeared offline tomorrow? How would you attract new customers or contact the old ones?

You do need to collect your own list of potential customers, their email addresses and possibly other ways to personally contact them.

Your own website allows that. You can collect names directly from your website. You can promote anything you want, anytime you want.

It’s all yours. You are in control.


2. But I don’t know what to put on my website.

I understand that not everyone is a marketing guru. But if you do already own a Facebook page or group for your business, then you probably already post photos of your cakes, and info about any specials you are running.

A website is simply staking your ground in the online world.

It’s simply telling people who you are, where you are, what you do and showing off your skills! It’s very easy.

It doesn’t need to be fancy or complex but it will make you look more professional and established.

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3. I can’t afford a website.

I know that things are tight when you’re starting up a business. I have been there too.

Most designers charge well over $2000 for a custom build website. And that’s a pretty cheap one.

I’ve worked in marketing for over 12 years and the companies I have worked for are prepared to pay well over $25k (that’s in Australian dollars) for a new website to be built…

and then they pay a retainer of at least $2k every month after that for the maintenance and security, hosting, fixing minor issues and adding new functions every so often.

So yes, I get it. Websites can be very expensive.

But they don’t have to be. There are hundreds of free or cheaper options out there. And I have created one of them!

I’d love to help you out. Have a look at our site – bizichix.com

My husband and I created this amazingly simple website system for cake decorators and bakers for you to overcome the feelings of “I don’t know what to put on it” AND “I can’t afford it…”

We also added features so that you can collect your customers details so you can OWN your contacts and not leave them in the hands of Facebook…

We have beautiful designs for cake decorators and I have literally even told you what to write.

Our prices are unbeatable for what you receive – you can’t get better than FREE right?

Our dream is to get you online without breaking the bank… Sign up for your FREE website now.

Content Planner Cover

Need help planning your website?

Our Sweet Content Planner will give you some bonus tips to launch your new website.
Pop in your details to grab your copy.