Speak without words

Wedding cupcakes

An image says a thousand words so let your photos speak to your potential customers.

Let your website be a gallery of your best work.

Each BiziChix website has a modern and clean way of showcasing your cakes, what your customers want to see.

Make sure you choose clean, bright images that look professional.

Images that have the same colour tones such as brights or pastels or whites should be grouped together.

You might have cakes that feature all of these tones but it looks seamless when they are all kept to the same theme and changes the impression of your business completely.

Delicious birthday cake isolated on white

Think about Instagram - and how people spend so long on making their page look cohesive.

It's all about keeping it pretty. Making the colours and themes work well together.

Invest in backdrops, and lighting if you need to improve your photo quality. It will completely change the first impression customers receive when seeing your work.

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