Got Questions?

We are completely aware how confusing a new website can be.

The process is overwhelming to a first timer and we want the experience to be as simple as possible.

Please let Phil or I help you if you have any questions.

We have created this page to clarify anything you don't understand.

xx Christine


Frequently Asked Questions

Building a website can feel overwhelming so here is a list of our most commonly asked questions.

We have built the BiziChix websites in WordPress.

WordPress (WP) sites are best known for their SEO (which is how websites are found by Google so you show up in a Google search) and their easy to use nature.

While WP websites are often thought of as quite 'technical' and difficult to set up for non-techy people, we have stripped out all the complex features so that ANYONE can get their cake business online AND reap the benefits of a WP site!

Here is a link to a blog post I wrote about WP.

If you opt for the BiziFree package, you won't need to buy a domain name at all. We'll provide one for you.

If you choose the BiziBasic package, you can choose to provide your own domain.

BiziChix is a reseller of domain names if you don't know where else to look!

Simply go to to search for the domain name you want and go from there...

We also have a support article about how to set up your domain name once you are ready to go with it. Follow these instructions.

If you choose a BiziFree website, you won't ever get charged!

If you opt for the BiziBasic package, you will enter your credit card details which will then be charged automatically each month for the amount you have agreed to.

No need to stress about missing a payment!

We are happy to help whenever you get stuck. Our Easy Editor is simple to use once you pick up a few tips and we provide a full series of training videos and instructions at

Once you register for your BiziChix website, you will also be invited into a Members Only Facebook Group where you can ask for help or advice with your website or your business.

You can also use the Contact Us if you need technical help with something.

Our goal is to help every cake decorator get a website to sell more cakes. And we know that your profit margins are minimal. 

When we came up with our business idea, we knew that we had to offer low prices but still an amazing product. 

We don't charge thousands of dollars like typical web designers or programmers (and they have every right to do so!!) because we offer template sites and not custom work.

Our websites include everything you need to market your cake business.

Every website requires 'hosting' which is usually paid monthly to cover costs of 'storing' your website in someone else's computer space.

This normally costs anywhere from $5 to $100 per month so a monthly fee for any website should be expected.


In addition to BiziChix hosting your website, we also include:

  • monitoring for security risks in the back-end. 24/7.
  • back-ups for all your data so if some technical issue goes bad, we will be able to restore your site
  • WordPress updates or your plug-ins
  • licence fees including the 'drag and drop' editor.

This is all stuff you don't want to mess with. Let us worry about it for you!


We're not going to hold it against you.

Simply log into your Dashboard and you'll see an option in there to close your account.

This is a common question!

We have made this really simple for you...

  1. Simply head to the BiziChix home page 
  2. Select 'Login' from the menu up top. You will be taken to the page to enter your login details.


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