Day 1 - Set Up Your New Website

Let's Go!

You've made a great decision to join my 5 day set up your website challenge...


I know that working out what to say on your website is hard.


If writing is something that feels unnatural to you, it can be extremely frustrating.


But I have put together some of the most important pieces of information that you should have on your website and simplified it...

2 Tablets Classy Cakes

so you will have a website finished

IN 5 DAYS! Yay!

Day1: The Basics


Let’s start with the basics.

  1. Go to and choose your preferred package

2. Select your preferred template

Classy Cakes or Wedding Cakes

BiziChix has 2 pretty and professional website templates to choose for your cake website

3. Choose Your Domain Name

(The tech term for your web address)


One of the first things you will be asked when signing up for your website, is

“What is your business name?” and “What URL would you like?”


Note: BiziChix BiziFree packages will allocate you a web address such as:

But if you upgrade to the BiziBasic package, you will be able to use your own URL or domain name such as:  This is so much more professional and shows you are serious!

Domain names cannot include uppercase letters or symbols so just keep to lowercase letters, numbers and no spaces.

4. Enter your own name

3. Enter your own name

5. Create your user name and password

You user name will be what you login with whenever you want to make changes to your website in the future.

It might be your name or your email address, or your business name (without spaces). Just try to make it something you will remember!

4. User name and password
5. Now your site is created

6. Your website is created!

Well done.

This is your "Dashboard". If you ever get lost, refer to this page for help.

For more information about this 'Dashboard' watch Phil's video about all the essentials in here.


Now we're up to personalising your info...

6. Go to My Business

7. Click on "My Business"

6.a Go to My Business

8. Enter your business details

They will flow through to your website footer.

7. My Details

Make sure you click on "Save Changes"



You have completed Day 1 of the Challenge! The Set Up.

Pop over to our Facebook group if you have any questions or want to let us know how you went with your work today...

See you tomorrow to work on your content.

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