Lost for words?

Are you stuck for words on your website?

I know that working out what to say on your website is really hard. If writing is something that feels unnatural to you, it can be extremely frustrating.

But I have put together some of the most important pieces of information that you should have on your website.

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And most importantly I have simplified EXACTLY how you can say what is trapped inside your head, in the PERFECT order, so that you can sound like a pro!

No copywriter required!

I’ve even added some inspiring words to help you get creative. No thesaurus needed.

I don't mean to brag, but I have a degree in Communications, over 10 years of work experience in corporate Marketing AND I like to write...

So I'm happy to help!

When I was setting up our websites templates for cake decorators, I pulled together some great options of what to say.

And pieced together a really simple formula of what to include on your website.

Don't let the writing hold up launching your site. Just pop in your details below and I will email you the Sweet Content Planner instantly.

You can even steal word for word what I have written... all for FREE!

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Don’t delay your content planning

This guide makes it so simple!

We have ready-made templates and pages in a perfect flowing order.


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